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From times long past relatives have been sharing stories that tell of challenging journeys, immigration from other countries and funny stories from their youth.

 Storytelling is considered an art form, but here at Thriving Forward Through Change we love stories for the hope and encouragement women often gain from our Storytellers.

Sharing your story can help others realize that they aren’t alone, that others have been in similar predicaments and made it out alive. Sometimes, that is all someone needs to get through a tough time.

We all love to hear a hero's journey - overcoming adversity - we become cheerleaders for each other.

Having witnessed the "ahhas" and the look of recognition on the faces of the women who have attended our events, we  have seen how powerful stories can be. The gift of hope, the recognition that change is possible and that they are not alone in their journey. These are why we invite our Storytellers to our table. 

Courage is defined as feeling the fear and doing it anyway - the action of doing allows us to move through those things we find challenging. The feeling of "OMG I did it!" is empowering and helps build our confidence. 

Great connections are made through stories - building relationships that matter and make a difference - this  and the reasons shared above, are why we invite you to join us where the conversation begins. 

Thriving Forward Through Change
Women's Gathering

Thursday, July 29th via Zoom 

This month's Blue Zone Way theme falls under the category of SELF - Personal mission statement

Join us and this month's Thriver Storyteller, Joanne Moore sharing her story. 

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